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Research is what drives every single campaign. It helps to create a strategic plan of action that includes: realistic campaign goals, objectives, strategies, and tactics. Specifically targeting your message to your key public or target audience increases R.O.I


Strategic planning is the overall campaign goal and tactical planning is the small steps that are aimed at accomplishing the strategic plan. Objectives that are time bound and measurable; are important in order to track and evaluate R.O.I.


Tracking campaign results through key metrics, helps to evaluate the impact of each objective. It empowers the business owner to better understand where their advertising dollar is being spent, and to make adjustments to their campaign accordingly.

The power of analytics and evaluation.

We place the power of data driven analytics in your hands. By giving your the tools to do proper research, we give you the ability to better choose how to get your message infront of you target market, and to evaluate that process at the end of the campaign.


By accessing nationally known and legitimate databases, we allow you to use real time research to see where your target audience will see your message.


By starting with real time research, it becomes easier to add tracking solutions, and at the end of the campaign undergo an evaluation process.

Marketing & PR Simplified

The power of digital leads, planning, tracking, analytics, and evaluation all in one easy place. Giving businesses the power to make informed decisions on how to better spend their advertising dollar.

Any good marketing or public relations campaign effort must begin with research. Only by getting up to date data on specific demographics, can any business build a logical sales plan. Our proprietary algorithm, helps businesses and sales professionals put together an present day leads list.

Once a business has a leads list, what's next? The planning phase. Through our software, we will facilitate the tedious process of planning a campaign. Our platform will help with objectives, strategies, and tactics.

Once you begin implementing your campaign, we will help with the tracking. Only by tracking can any business really get a clear picture of the campaign's success.

Being able to analyze the data from your tracking efforts is crucial. Only through analyzing and evaluating the tracking data, can a business or sales professional truly know what media chanel and objective is producing a deisred R.O.I.

Through the evaluation process, a business can decide where to better spend their money, without just guessing.

Info on Marketing & Public Relations

Statistics on Marketing, Public Relations, and Small Business


88% do their own marketing.


24 million small businesses in the U.S.


70% are run by one person


$171 Billion spent on paid media every year.

Various sources where used when referencing the above statistics.

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